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Same Tradition of Excellence
New Look and Feel

SAV Debuts New Website and Brand Identity to Reflect Culture of Luxury and Collaboration

Miami, FL – April 19, 2016 Introducing

After a long, proud tradition of service in the audio visual industry that stretches back to the 1940s, Southern Audio Visual has undergone a comprehensive brand overhaul, paying homage to this history while updating the look and feel of their brand for the 21st-century client. This includes a new website, company logo, branding and marketing materials, and comprehensive communications strategy, all with the goal of offering the highest-quality audio visual experiences for their partners and clients and reflecting their long-established culture of service, luxury, and collaborative partnerships.

Paul Lowenthal, SAV’s CEO and grandson of the company’s founder, says of the brand makeover, “We have spent a lot of time and effort collaborating with our employees to develop a new brand for SAV that we believe will strengthen our philosophy of service, which is the core of our company’s existence. Service is what we do best, it’s what our clients identify us with, and it’s the most important value that we live and work by. That’s why I’m so excited that this new brand makeover captures exactly who we are, what we believe, and what defines us.”

Topping the list of their most significant updates is a new logo that underscores SAV’s philosophy of service: “Service Leaders in Event Technology.”

As Paul explains, “This new logo anchors our brand makeover with a clean, simple, and recognizable look,” further emphasizing service, combined with the newest technology, as the most important priority for his family’s enterprise.

Updated features on the new website, , include an improved user experience, streamlined navigation features, a comprehensive collection of images and videos, detailed descriptions of SAV’s services, and overall enhanced digital engagement with SAV’s company, people, and brand.

SAV is also proud to introduce a new corporate philosophy that defines the company’s mission and approach for their colleagues, current partners, and potential new clients: “SAV embraces the highest standards of professional excellence by consistently providing outstanding personal service and unforgettable audio visual experiences to our clients. Each member of our team is committed to the values of Service, Quality, and Technological Innovation, which are the cornerstones of our philosophy and the foundation of our long-lasting partnerships.”

According to Paul, this new corporate philosophy expresses what SAV is all about. As he says, “Respect, integrity, quality, and engagement are at the heart of our company, and these values define not only our client partnerships as the highest priority for SAV, but they also define the way we embrace and care about our own employees, who we see as family, not just coworkers.”

These combined digital marketing and communication initiatives embody SAV’s commitment to the highest level of customer service, personalized engagement, and technological innovations in the industry.

In Paul’s words, “We have an ‘above-and-beyond’ approach to all of our partnerships, and service must be and is our differentiator. We live it every day!”

About SAV
Southern Audio Visual opened in 1947 in Miami Beach, Florida, by holding film screenings for hotel guests. Since then, it has evolved from a single-storefront operation to a national leader in audio visual service, offering a wide range of creative solutions and innovative technologies that exceed all of their clients’ audio visual needs. Each decade since their founding has seen new technological advancements and successful partnerships, leading to a growing network of high-profile clients across multiple regions of the United States.


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